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TBC early diagnosis

“2003 14 million people died of Tuberculosis, among them many children; 92% of them in one of the so-called Developing Countries.” Quoted from Jean Ziegler, rapporteur at the UN in “Empire of Shame”, Editions Fayard, 2005)

TBC early diagnostics in El Alto / Bolivia

In the course of our project 20 ill pupils of the Huyustus School were brought for examinations to the local Hospital Holandés in El Alto. Three of the 20 children had far advanced tuberculosis.

We were then encouraged by a Viennese group to head off a tuberculosis-early-detection-programme. Since 2005 this programme is being practiced in El Alto successfully.

Up to now this project has been carried through in nine public schools in the outskirts of El Alto.

Project’s intensity

The treatment of the affected is prolonged until full healing.

For further information please, don’t hesitate to mail to Dr. Miriam Rothbacher

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