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About us

Bolivian members of staff

From the beginning on (the School Huyustus in El Alto, 1996) there have been many helping hands in Bolivia. On the one hand the teachers of the public school Huyustus, but moreover parents and pupils are committed. Mr. José Luis Ibáñez M.A. has been helping us since 1998 when he became principal of the above mentioned school. One of his first tasks was to install the electricity circuit, but also his talent of organization and his capacity to negotiate with government agencies has to be alluded – with much more to be put on record. 2003 he became headmaster in the school of Alpire which we also contribute to since that year.

Since the foundation of the society in Bolivia – CENAPESS – he was their chairman. Sadly, he was killed in an accident in 2014. Since that year, Mr. Victor Quisbert M.A. and Mrs. Carla Quispe M.A. have been running our projects on site.

All the principals of the schools, the Parent Teachers Associations (PTA) and many individuals also contribute to the projects.

Our association enabled it financially to set up as a registered society therefore being able to submit locally both in national and international projects. The association was founded 2008 and is called CENAPESS (which stands for ”Centro de Apoyo Educativo Social y Salud”).

The necessary facilities are financed by our association.

Austrian contributors

Bolivian members of staff

The association

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