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Sponsoring pupils

The Child Sponsoring Project/Projekt „ahijados“

This project has been running since 2009

It concerns children in our partner schools in El Alto who require special support because of their living conditions. A social worker, a member of the Pro Niño Boliviano team in El Alto, visits the children and their families to see how they live and to estimate which kind of support is necessary. We in Pro Niño Boliviano want to help the poorest pupils by making it easier for them to have a better school education and childhood.

Our social worker visits the children and their families every two months. When they start school, the children receive various school articles, depending on their age. At the beginning of winter they get winter clothes according to their requirements. Three times a year they receive groceries whereby special attention is paid to these containing an adequate supply of proteins.

At Christmas time they receive Christmas presents. A sponsor here pays 15 Euro monthly for their sponsored child. The amount is transferred to our organization in Bolivia, 2 Euro of which is used to cover telephone and all transport and telephone costs etc. The above-mentioned articles are bought with the remaining 13 Euro which are then handed over to the parents and the children.

You can transfer the sum monthly, quarterly, biannually or once a year.

Bank account: „Verein zur Unterstützung von Kindern in Bolivien-Pro Niño Boliviano“

Erste Bank

IBAN: AT792011128822337600


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