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The association

The society assisting Bolivian children “Pro Niño Boliviano”

ZVR-Number: 137687860

Date of formation: June 26th, 2003

The assistance of Bolivian children and the enforcement of projects go back to the year 1996. In 2003 we decided to create an official society as the activities could be made more transparent and effective.

Purpose of the association: The society which is a nonprofit one aims to achieve the making available of educational and medical help for Bolivian children in need. A further goal is the boost of integration for Bolivians living in Austria and the cultural exchange.

Seat of the society:

Mrs. Miriam Rothbacher, GP

A-1220 Vienna, Austria, Resedaweg

Account for donations:

Verein zur Unterstützung von Kindern in Bolivien - Pro Ninos

Erste Bank


IBAN: AT79 20111 28822337600

For the association

Chairman: Mr. Erhard Eglhofer

Cashier: Dr. Miriam Rothbacher

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