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Synopsis of the activities of the society assisting Bolivian children “Pro Niño Boliviano” in El Alto, Bolivia

Since 1996 the society has been supporting three public schools in the city of El Alto, Bolivia. El Alto has a population of about one million and is part of a high plateau at approximately 13.000 ft. right near La Paz. 30 years ago El Alto didn’t really even exist. The city grew by immigration from the countryside and from laid-off miners. Especially (public) schools in the outlying districts need support. The government generally pays the teachers, but merely has limited resources pertaining to the school’s environment.

Moreover our society has a project running for early diagnosis of tuberculosis, as this disease is a great problem in Bolivia.

There is also a handicraft project enabling pupils’ parents to create and sell typical products.

Our society also assists the operating of two greenhouses – not just for learning purposes but also for ecology and environment.

For children in need sponsorships are organized.

Since 2000 the society has been organizing a library for the pupils and the parents.

In Austria we look after the integration of Bolivians living here and advocate the cultural exchange.

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